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Distillation Column

Student Application

The distillation column lab provides students with the skills necessary to compete in the high-tech petrochemical and power industries as well as many others. Students receive hands-on training in the following areas when working in this lab: advanced instrumentation and control, refrigeration trainers, advanced distillation, and electrical and logic systems.

Research Application

This lab has a large scale distillation unit with all industrial-size process, instrumentation and control components. The unit is connected to a Delta V distribution control system. This unit can be customized for various training courses and research projects including energy optimization, multivariable control, model predictive control, flooding (foaming/weeping/entrainment), affective and varied reflux; carry-over/carry-under studies. This lab has been used extensively by local companies for expanding the knowledge and competencies of their engineers and researchers by studying the principles underlying the complex technologies used in complex processes.

Process Simulator

Controlling a commercial and industrial plant takes hundreds of hours of training to begin to understand a particular process. With the use of complex process simulators, students learn how to start-up, operate, troubleshoot and shut-down a process safely. Our process simulators have a suite of different processes including combined cycle power plant, refrigeration trainers, crude oil fractionation units, and more.

Steam Boiler

One of the best equipped training facilities in the province, Lambton College's Steam Boiler Lab will feature both fire-tube and water-tube high pressure boilers, the glass walls of the room showcase two stories of industrial equipment and technology. In this lab students learn how to operate a full powerhouse just as they would in an industrial facility. They learn how to inspect, start, run, maintain, troubleshoot and shutdown boilers and associated equipment such as water treatment, turbines and compressors.

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