Graduate Success Stories

Graduated 2016 & 2015


Autism & Behavioural Science Program & Early Childhood Education Program

Where are you currently living?

I am currently living in Sarnia, Ontario.

Where are you currently working?

I am working at an Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC), as a part-time registered early childhood educator (RECE).

How do you feel that your training at Lambton College has prepared you for your success?

My training at Lambton College has prepared me for my career in many ways. It has given me the opportunity to refine my strengths and develop new skills, while improving my communication skills and confidence. It has also taught me how to work as a team with others and helped me learn how to set goals for myself. The Early Childhood Education Program gave me the opportunity to make learning materials and resources that I could use with young children during placements and future employment. In addition, the Autism & Behavioural Science Program taught me how to treat challenging behaviours in an ethical manner and how to develop and implement learning programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in different environments.

What advice would you give to somebody who is considering taking the same course at Lambton College?

I would encourage others to take the Early Childhood Education Program if they enjoy working with young children in variety of early childhood settings and want to extend their knowledge and application of skills in this field. I would encourage others to take the Autism & Behavioural Science Program if they are interested in learning more about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and want to learn how to work with individuals with this disability using proven methods and strategies.

Anything else to add about your Lambton College experience or your current success?

Another thing that I would like to add is that I would strongly encourage individuals who are thinking about taking one of these programs, to go to the Open Houses. This gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions about the program and get to know the program faculty. I would also encourage students to apply for Employment Between Academic Terms (EBAT) positions at Lambton College. These positions give you the opportunity to gain experience in a work environment and allow you to make connections with other professionals.

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