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Graduated 2013


Office Administration - Executive

Where are you currently living?


Where are you currently working?

Huron House Boys’ Home

How do you feel that your training at Lambton College has prepared you for your success?

My decision to attend Lambton College changed my life. I now have my dream job working at Huron House Boys’ Home as an Office Administrator. The Office Administration Executive program provided me the opportunity to learn all the skills I need to be successful in my current position at the Boys’ Home. volunteering events held at the college. Overall, I can say that the work experience and knowledge I gained during my studies has helped me to achieve success in my field.

What advice would you give to somebody who is considering taking the same course at Lambton College?

Making a decision on what course you want to take is hard. Consider what kind of lifestyle you would like to have when you graduate. For me, taking this course meant that I would most likely be working a Monday – Friday 9 to 5 job, with reasonable pay, which is perfect for my life style.

Anything else to add about your Lambton College experience or your current success?

Thank you Lambton College, you changed my life!

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Sherri Veilleux
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