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Students entering this program must meet specific field/clinical requirements by a specified deadline to be eligible for placement with our community partners.

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Within the three, concurrent terms, and block placements, students will acquire an understanding of physiological and functional speech, language and hearing disorders. Programming skills and communication intervention techniques will be developed through a combination of in-class curriculum, hands-on training, and practical application from experienced faculty members currently working in the field. These skills are reinforced through the students' participation in two practicum placements. The placements provide students with a minimum of 490 hours to observe, learn, practice and apply practical skills and techniques in the field of speech and language and/or audiology within a community setting. 

Students entering this program must meet specific placement requirements by a specified deadline to be eligible for placement with our community partners.

Information for Placement Providers

Lambton College is always looking for placement providers. If you are interested in becoming a Communicative Disorders Assistant placement provider, please review the information below for placement requirements:

Placement Provider Checklist

  • Provide observational and application screening of patients
  • Provide observational and application of developing, implementing, modifying and evaluating treatment plans for patients
  • Complete a mid-term and final evaluation of the student's performance
  • Provide 245 hours of supervision from a Registered Speech Language Pathologist/Audiologist

Faculty is not on site, but will have continuous contact with the student and placement location throughout the process to address any questions or concerns.

Student Documentation

In addition to the knowledge students will bring to the placement, they will also have obtained all of the following documentation:

  • Passport to Placement: Criminal Reference Check and up-to-date Health Immunizations
  • Bill 18: AODA, WHMIS, Health & Safety, Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence, and Workplace Violence

Insurance Coverage

All unpaid field placement students are covered by WSIB or private insurance from the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skill Development (MAESD). You are required to sign a copy of the Letter to Placement Employer, and send back to the college. Lambton College will need to know if you carry WSIB or private insurance, as we match the type of provider you have when making a claim.

Should an incident or injury occur while the student is on placement, students are aware of the procedure for reporting incidents and it is their responsibility to reach out to their faculty supervisor.

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