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Audiology Lab

The Audiology Lab is a space for students to apply the principles learned in the Introduction to Audiology course. In this lab, students gain hands-on experiences conducting hearing screenings. The lab consists of two sound booths equipped with Interacoustics audiometers, insert headphones, and supra aural headphones. An Interacoustics immittance bridge for testing middle ear function is also located in the lab. Students use this equipment to practice their skills while they complete the required lab assignments.

New to the lab this year is an Audioscan Axiom hearing aid text box for students to apply the knowledge gained in the Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation course to real world scenarios. Students will practice troubleshooting and testing hearing aids using the test box equipment, as well as perform minor care and maintenance procedures. Students will also obtain hands-on experience using the NOAH hearing aid software and NOAH link wireless programming equipment. Hands-on experience in taking earmold impressions is also a component of the lab experience for this course.

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