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Students entering this program must meet specific field/clinical requirements by a specified deadline to be eligible for placement with our community partners.

Once you've applied to Lambton College, you can log in to and view program-specific Field & Clinical Placement requirements.

Students in the Pharmacy Technician program complete a total of 360 hours of unpaid placement. 200 hours are completed in a community pharmacy and 160 hours are completed in a hospital pharmacy.

The placement sites are hand picked by Lambton College staff to ensure the best possible sites for students. Our Pharmacy Technician program works with more than 50 placement partners across the province to provide our students with different experiences, the ability to work in their home communities and travel. The placement experience is enriched with online activities and discussions to support the continued learning experience as students work toward completing their licensing exams.

Health Services, Community Services & Creative Design


Program Information


Connie Beck
Program Coordinator
519-542-7751 x 3329
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