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CICE staff provide students with support in classes, tutoring outside the classroom, and job coaching, as required. Classes are modified to meet each student’s academic needs so that when the student graduates, he/she will receive an Ontario College Certificate from Lambton College.

Lambton College's CICE Program Continues to be a Model of Excellence

Since it's inception in 2004, the Community Integration through Cooperative Education (CICE) program at Lambton College has been one of the most sought-after program of its kind in the province. This modified program, designed for individuals with learning challenges, has nearly tripled in size, accepting up to 20 students every year. Read the release in full.

Skills for Success

  • Ability to check and respond to emails
  • Ability to use the telephone independently
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Strong skills in interacting with others in field placement, classrooms, and group work 
  • Accepting of changes to schedules or routine
  • Independent in taking public transportation or arranging transportation
  • Desire to learn and understand the value of regular attendance both in class and field work
  • Ability to follow a schedule and navigate the college and community independently
  • Ability to sit in a classroom/lab setting for at least 50 minutes
  • Display some independent learning skills by preparing for tutoring sessions (completion of required readings, assignments, test reviews, and other required tasks)

Preparing for College

  • Mature and acceptable behaviour (as per college Code of Conduct expectations)
  • Practices proper daily personal hygiene
  • Strong independence skills needed to live in residence (meal preparation, laundry, personal safety, internet safety, good hygiene practices, and basic cleaning skills)
  • Ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and needs verbally or through the use of adaptive technology
  • Utilizes free time appropriately, effectively and independently
  • Maintenance of good mental and physical health
  • Understanding of academic expectations (writing tests, group work, deadlines, attendance)

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CICE Program

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