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Munster Technology Institution - Ireland
Bachelor of Arts in Food Business Innovation


Cook Apprenticeship

Students complete course work in this program that enables them to challenge Levels 1 and 2 of the in-school portion of the Cook Apprenticeship. Once they have secured an apprenticeship, completed the practical hours and passed the Certificate of Qualification exam, they qualify as a Journey Person Cook in the province of Ontario.

Train-Can Certifications

Students are also awarded Responsible Beverage Service, SmartServe Ontario, and Safe Food Handlers certifications by a nationally recognized facility called Train-Can. All certifications must be earned in the first term of the Culinary Management program. A pass of 80% is required for the SmartServe Ontario standardized test and a pass of 70% is required for Safe Food Handlers county-proctored test.

Students who currently possess any of these credentials and can validate them, will be exempt from any of these tests/exams.

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