Renovation Construction Technician


Program Information

Individuals with ambition to run their own renovation company or to gain employment in a successful construction company are ideally suited for this program.

In five terms – one of which is a co-op, students will cover advanced interior finishes, decks and porches, cabinets, trim, basement and bathroom renovation, as well as additional components to renovation construction with an emphasis placed on eco-friendly building practices, plumbing and electrical situations, and residential and small commercial framing and layout. Through hands-on projects utilizing Lambton College’s 6,500 sq. ft. shop and 1,800 sq. ft. teaching house, theory is applied on a daily basis. Renovation Technician students participate in community-based learning projects such as rebuilding local business structures or working with non-profit organizations.

Training is safety-based and business-focused. Courses in computer estimating and project management are key to the well-rounded education offered in this program. All training has a strong focus on safety and energy efficiency, construction and design. Students may also have the opportunity to attend annual trade shows and visit local job sites in the community where they will have the opportunity to network and learn from local industry experts.

In addition, for graduate students of the program, a laddering opportunity exists with General Carpenter Apprenticeship Program. Graduates will need to find their own General Carpenter Apprenticeship with an employer, but will be exempt from in-school basic level of the General Carpenter Apprenticeship. 

Device Requirements

This program requires an iPad.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:
Grade 12 English C or U

Mature applicants must be at least 19 years of age by the start of classes, be out of secondary school for at least one year and usually do not have a high school diploma. Mature applicant assessment for this program is available in the Counselling Department in the subject of English. The assessment(s) will demonstrate proficiency in required admission subjects. For more information please contact the Counselling Department at ext. 3412. Academic admission requirements can be obtained through Academic Upgrading and Pre-Programs at Lambton College.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this program may find employment in the expanding residential renovation industry, new house construction, mercantile and restaurant renovation, and entrepreneurship. The program could allow students to enter into the General Carpenter Apprenticeship program once they have found employment.

Due to low mortgage and renovation interest rates, the construction sector shows significant demand and growth resulting in all graduates finding employment in a construction-related field where they put the skills acquired to work.

Educational Pathways

Graduate students of the program, have a laddering opportunity with the General Carpenter Apprenticeship Program. Qualified students who have obtained their diploma will seek out their own General Carpenter Apprenticeship. Students will then be exempt from the in-school portion of the basic level General Carpentry Apprenticeship.


Graduates are eligible to be exempt from the basic level of the in-school portion of the General Carpenter apprenticeship program and graduate with a certification in fall protection, training in propane safety (ROT), scissor-lift, boom-lift and WHMIS.

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Program Information

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