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Philip Zekveld
Graduated 2019

Philip Zekveld

Practical Nursing

Where are you currently living?

Petrolia, ON

Where are you currently working?

Bluewater Health - Rehabilitation/Hemodialysis

How do you feel that your training at Lambton College has prepared you for your success?

Lambton College did an amazing job preparing me for my nursing career. They taught the knowledge and nursing skills needed to help me practice as a competent nurse. Throughout the practical nursing program, they prepared me for the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Exam using information that aligned the with College of Nurses of Ontario Nursing Standards. The professors taught me how to complete thorough system assessments and critically think through the assessment findings, teaching me to be accountable for my own nursing practice. I was given the opportunity to practice in many different areas of nursing.

What advice would you give to somebody who is considering taking the same course at Lambton College?

Do it! You will graduate from the program with the knowledge and tools to become a competent nurse. The program will require hard work and dedication as there is a lot of information to learn in two years. There is a great balance of theory lectures and hands-on learning experiences. The professors are very approachable and want you to succeed. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed or have a question. My advice would be to attend lectures, as it is a great opportunity to build relationships with classmates and get to know your professors. During your clinical rotations take every opportunity available to practice and develop your nursing skills. Do not be afraid, as your clinical instructor is supervising you and available to support you in any way you may need.

Anything else to add about your Lambton College experience or your current success?

Lambton College will do an amazing job of preparing you for your nursing career, but you also need to be committed and prepared to do your part in learning. I spent a lot of time studying independently and in a group setting. I took every opportunity I was given to practice various nursing interventions and asked for help when needed. I made sure to go to lectures, attend labs and clinical, and build relationships with my classmates. I listened to and observed the professors and gained a lot of wisdom from the information they taught me and the life experiences they shared. I was able to build relationships and make connections with professors and others within the community that have influenced my ability to practice as a competent nurse. These relationships have also influenced some of the opportunities and jobs I have had so far in my nursing career. One important thing to remember is that as a nurse you never stop learning, each day will provide you with another opportunity to grow in your nursing knowledge, skill, and judgment. Embrace each opportunity to given to you!

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