Program Capabilities

Program Capabilities outline what skills students should possess as they progress through each term/year of their program.

Students and employers will find this information most useful and can reference either the list of skills or the full program capabilities document to ensure students are gaining the experience they need to fulfill the program requirements.

Upon Graduation

  • Communicate effectively as a member of an engineering team to meet relevant project requirements.
  • Create piping design drawings in accordance with client specifications and needs.
  • Perform field checks and prepare field sketches to begin piping design prior to construction and complete as-built drawings to update plant conditions after construction is completed.
  • Prepare material take-offs from engineered piping design drawings to allow for purchasing of equipment and piping components.
  • Integrate 2D and 3D CAD models to construct engineering drawings.
  • Design piping system components in accordance to specifications, codes, standards, and regulatory requirements.
  • Generate piping stress modelling to analyze stresses in the piping components.
  • Apply engineering principles for sizing of basic plant and process piping equipment.
  • Evaluate environmental principles and compliance requirements in process piping design and construction projects.

Technology & Trades


Program Information
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