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Students in this program have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience by applying classroom learning during co-op experiences.

Learn more about co-op terms and the roles and responsibilities of the students and co-op advisors.

Further Information Regarding the OIT (Operator in Training) Application and Exam:

In addition to the requirements noted above, students who wish to obtain a co-op placement will also need to hold a valid OIT (Operator in Training) certificate as mandated by the Ministry of the Environment. Student's will be offered the opportunity to write the OIT test at Lambton College during their second academic term prior to their first co-op placement opportunity. The application process will begin in January of Term 2.

Please Note: To be eligible to write the OIT examinations, the Ministry of the Environment requires all students writing to have their high school diploma or Gr 12 equivalency in order to qualify to write the exam. For further information as to what the Ministry considers equivalent please refer to the OWWCO website and specifically Guideline 3.1.

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