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Chemistry Lab

The chemistry labs are used by students in a number of programs: Nursing, Instrumentation & Control Engineering, Chemical Production & Power Engineering. Laboratory exercises complement theoretical concepts and develop, good, safe laboratory practices through hands-on activities and chemical experimentation.

Forward Water Project

The Lambton Water Centre, located within Lambton College's Centre of Excellence in Bio-Industrial Technologies, has partnered on a collaborative research project with Forward Water Technologies. As a leader in Research and Innovation, Lambton College offers student's from many programs, including the Environmental Technician, Drinking Water Systems Operations program the opportunity to be involved with exciting new research technologies. Check out this real-world partnership occurring in Lambton College's brand new facility.

Trojan Technologies

Trojan Technologies in partnership with the Lambton Water Centre has been working on a research project looking at ways to improve the primary treatment process. The new technology will give municipalities an alternative to primary clarification. Check out the video to see how Lambton College has worked with Trojan to perfect the design of their tools at the smaller scale.

Wastewater Pilot Area

The new Wastewater Pilot Area is home to three different water treatment pilot scale plants. One of the pilot plants is a scaled-down model of Sarnia's own water treatment facility, LAWSS. Students also have access to Membrane and Ozone filtration technology pilot systems. Each of these systems will prepare students for varying types of water treatment testing, safety regulations, proper procedures, start-up, maintenance, operation and shutdown of a water treatment facility.

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