Program Capabilities

Program Capabilities outline what skills students should possess as they progress through each term/year of their program.

Students and employers will find this information most useful and can reference either the list of skills or the full program capabilities document to ensure students are gaining the experience they need to fulfill the program requirements.

Co-op Term

  • Knowledge of the private, public and not-for-profit sport and recreation delivery systems
  • Knowledge of advertising and sales in sports promotion
  • Create needs assessment tools and develop recreational programs based on needs assessment information
  • Design prevention strategies for activities
  • Design and implement a risk management plan for a recreational facility
  • Apply various practice models of therapeutic recreation¬†
  • Construct and deliver a physical activity lesson plan including the assessment of basic motor skills
  • Knowledge of issues unique to the aging adult as they relate to recreation and leisure participation
  • Knowledge of the process of planning and demonstrate the ability to deliver special events
  • Use questioning skills to obtain information related to lifestyle behaviours
  • Develop and deliver a professional individual and team presentation
  • Basic to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office 2012 programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)
  • Write a short, formal business report
  • Write standard business correspondence
  • Perform basic fundamental operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Perform operations of basic statistical investigation and analysis

Upon Graduation

  • Develop a business proposal
  • Utilize web-based facility management software including registration, programming and scheduling
  • Develop resource inventories and proposals related to sport tourism
  • Record business transactions in proper journals
  • Prepare bank reconciliations with adjusting entries from bank statements and the books of original entries
  • Develop from an adjusted trial balance the basic financial statements for a merchandising business prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles
  • Prepare, analyze, and interpret routine financial statements and evaluate financial performance
  • Assess, in health individuals, current health and fitness status and construct an effective exercise program utilizing this data
  • Discuss and demonstrate various concepts related to outdoor education
  • Utilize various mediums to construct effective marketing campaigns

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Program Information

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