Electrical Power Distribution & Control Technician


Labs & Facilities

Instrumentation Calibration Lab

This brand new lab features the latest technology in instrumentation measurement, calibration, installation, and troubleshooting techniques that prepare students to work in the Automation & Control Technology industry. In this lab students gain the hands-on mechanical skills needed to work in many types of industries. This lab is also equipped with high precision valve maintenance, setup and troubleshooting labs that enhance the student’s mechanical aptitude and competency.

Steam Boiler Lab

One of the best equipped training facilities in the province, Lambton College's Steam Boiler Lab will feature both fire-tube and water-tube high pressure boilers, the glass walls of the room showcase two stories of industrial equipment and technology. In this lab students learn how to operate a full powerhouse just as they would in an industrial facility. They learn how to inspect, start, run, maintain, troubleshoot and shutdown boilers and associated equipment such as water treatment, turbines and compressors.

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