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Are you a hands-on learner? Would you like a rewarding and well-paying career in the growing railway industry? As one of only a handful of schools in Canada, Lambton College has partnered with the Railway Association of Canada to offer the Railway Conductor program. Designed and taught by experts still active in the industry, this unique program combines classroom learning with hands-on experience in local rail yards, and allows students to gain a depth of knowledge in 12 weeks that would otherwise take years to acquire.

Students enrolled in this program will learn to utilize professional railway communications and gain a deeper understanding of industry rules and regulations; they will also learn fundamental concepts in safety, switching, marshalling, and crewing. Experiential learning ensures that graduates who exit the program are attractive candidates for the Class 1 and Short Line/Regional railways as well as industrial yards.

The Railway Conductor program takes place Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays) over 12 consecutive weeks. As this program is only 12 weeks, Railway Conductor students will not have Reading Weeks or Breaks.

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Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D or equivalent

  • Grade 12 English C or U


This program is not part of the registration process nor is it eligible for OSAP.

To register for this program, email with the following attachments:

Technology Requirements

In order to keep pace with the requirements of each and every course in your program, it is mandatory to own a reliable laptop to complete tests and assignments.

Course List

RAIL-1007: Conductor Communications

This course teaches the student the communication skills necessary in the railway industry as well as the terminology unique to the railway Conductor and colleagues. Students will garner an appreciation for professionalism and reliability with an emphasis on customer service skills.

RAIL-1013: Rules and Regulations

This course familiarizes the student with the roles and responsibilities of a Conductor and studies the Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) which govern the federally regulated railways in Canada. Students will gain knowledge surrounding inspection of equipment and compliance to the rules and regulations that shape and guide the industry.

RAIL-1014: Creating a Safety Culture

The Railway Conductor career includes long hours, strenuous work and various shifts, all of which can lead to fatigue and mental errors. This course emphasizes the importance of safety and ingrains in the student the daily activities necessary to ensure a safe and injury free work environment.

RAIL-1016: Switching, Marshaling and Crewing

Students will learn the different pieces of major equipment that a Conductor will work with on a daily basis. Arranging rail cars in their proper order and moving them about according to a pick up and set off plan is an integral responsibility that has important financial impact. Students will gain a full understanding and appreciation for switching and marshalling which is one of their main roles once they are in the field.

RAIL-1017: Authorities and Record Keeping

This course will teach students who the authorities are that regulate the railway industry as well as describe the organizational structure and culture of railway entities. Paperwork and record-keeping is a critical component of the Conductor's role and the proper management of such is covered in this course.

RAIL-1018: Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Trains are an important means of transporting dangerous goods in Canada. Students will earn their TDG certificate in the course by identifying placards and demonstrating thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding the transportation of dangerous goods by rail.

RAIL-1105: Practicum

Students will attend actual rail yards to observe the daily activities of the railway conductor and will apply what they have learned with an emphasis on safety and proper practice. Developing safety routines and practicing common Conductor tasks will prepare them to move into any rail yard with sufficient valuable experience.

Program Maps

Current Students

Current students can view program maps from previous years on the mylambton website. 

You will need to login with your C# and password in order to access your program map.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates can expect to find employment on Class 1 railways, shortlines, regional carriers and in industrial settings.

Please Note: Employment in the railway industry requires a clean record, applicants with a criminal record will not likely obtain employment in the industry even if they are successful in passing the program. Applicants are required to complete a medical as a condition of employment. See the Canadian Railway Medical Rules Handbook (PDF) .

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Academic Administrative Assistant
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