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Advanced Process & Control Lab

Student Application

The new Advanced Process Control Lab is home to the industry-leading Distributed Control Systems and Industrial Automation & Network training labs. Students in this lab will develop skills in computer and database programming, graphics building, network and communication topologies, and advanced control strategies. These skills will prepare students to program, control and operate industrial plants.

Research Application

The Advanced Process Control Lab provides expertise and houses facilities to carry out research in advanced process control, optimal control and process optimization. The facility has state-of-the-art simulation, advanced control, communication and optimization software packages in addition to up-to-date and industrial scale hardware.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry labs are used by students in a number of programs: Nursing, Instrumentation & Control Engineering, Chemical Production & Power Engineering. Laboratory exercises complement theoretical concepts and develop, good, safe laboratory practices through hands-on activities and chemical experimentation.

Electronics Lab

Students will work hands-on to construct and study electric circuits on a bench top. This lab is used by ICET, CPET, PETC, MTIM, PDCT and ELTC students.

Instrumentation Lab

This facility contains many state-of-the-art technical training and research facilities dedicated to the study of instrumentation necessary for the high-tech petrochemical and power industries as well as many others. In this lab, researchers and students use the technical skills and knowledge to carry out maintenance, make a diagnosis, configure, calibrate and maintain various measurements and indicating instrumentation (pneumatic, analog, digital, etc.) in a variety of replicated industrial settings.

Process Flow & Controls Lab

With a glass wall looking out into the hallway, this lab focuses on the fundamentals of fluid flow, measurement and controlling a process. Students of all levels will learn the fundamentals of liquid and vapour flow, fluid and thermal dynamics and the basic fundamentals of controlling a process.

Process Simulator

Controlling a commercial and industrial plant takes hundreds of hours of training to begin to understand a particular process. With the use of complex process simulators, students learn how to start-up, operate, troubleshoot and shut-down a process safely. Our process simulators have a suite of different processes including combined cycle power plant, refrigeration trainers, crude oil fractionation units, and more.

Robotics & PLC Lab

The programmable logic controllers and robots in this room are used through the world and are industrial quality machines. Students program these devices for a variety of simulated process control scenarios (i.e. large compressors, boilers, motor controls.) Students must program the robots to do a variety of different tasks related to assembly and organizing among others.

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