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Term 1

ENG-1173: Communications for Technology

This course is designed to improve students' writing skills by focusing on mechanics, sentence structure, spelling, technical writing style, and lab report writing. This course is also designed to develop students' oral communication skills.

OHS-2012: Health & Safety

The graduate of this course will have a good understanding of safety aspects of the law, the legal responsibilities of the workplace, and his/her own legal rights and responsibilities, as well as work processes and procedures being used in present-day industry. This course will give them a basic understanding of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its associated Regulations, and an understanding of health and safety issues in an industrial setting.

ELC-1726: Electrical Theory

This course covers the explanation of the fundamentals of electrical theory, from the molecular structure of matter to the laws that govern the calculation of current, voltage and power in DC circuits. Topics will include the relationships between voltage, current, resistance and power including Ohm's and Kirchhoff's laws. Calculations will be made on series, parallel and combination circuits and current flow and power consumption in 2 and 3 wire systems. Circuits will be wired safely and measurements taken using digital multi-meters. As well, the course will include an introduction to alternating current AC.

HVA-1505: Fundamentals of Refrigeration

HVA-1712: Gas Tech III

MTH-1084: Mathematics for Electrical Circuits

This course reviews and develops topics in basic computation, measurement, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and linear functions, emphasizing their electrical applications.

Term 2

HVA-2154: Heating I

HVA-2505: Fundamentals of Refrigeration II

HVA-2043: Welding and Pipefitting

HVA-2134: Pumps and Motors

GED-XXX3: General Education Elective

ELC-1732: Safety & Electrical Code I

This course will focus on the Canadian Electrical Code regulations and the application of those regulations as they pertain to electrical installations in residential dwellings as well as commercial units. The student will learn to navigate through the Canadian Electrical Code and interpret sections including Wiring Methods, Conductors, Installation of Electrical Equipment and Protection and Control.

JSS-1001: Job Search and Success

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of how to conduct a job search and how to succeed in the work place. This includes self-reflection, effectively designing a cover letter and resume, online job searches utilizing social media, behavioural based interviewing as well as marketing oneself effectively in a job interview. Job safety, successful work strategies and harassment and discrimination plan of action is also discussed.

Term 3

CPL-1049: Co-op Work Term

Co-operative education provides students with the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the workplace, undertake career sampling and gain valuable work experience that may assist students to find permanent employment after graduation. For further information regarding Co-op, please refer to www.lambtoncollege.ca/mycareer

Term 4

HVA-3154: Heating II

HVA-3504: Fundamentals of Refrigeration III

ELE-3025: Electric Theory II

HVA-3712: Gas Tech II

GED-XXX3: General Education Elective

HVA-3033: Safety & Material Handling

Term 5

HVA-4164: HVAC Building Automation

HVA-4504: Fundamentals of Refrigeration IV

HVA-4915: Hydronics & Boiler Systems

GED-XXX3: General Education Elective

IMT-1132: Rigging & Hoisting

This course is designed to develop knowledge of the safety legislation involved with hoisting, lifting and machine moving as well as the procedures involved. This course will enable the student to plan lifts, perform calculations using load charts, select and use correct rigging & hoisting equipment, inspect and maintain equipment, use hand signals, control load balance and direct and disassemble all equipment safely.

BUS-1013: Introduction to Business

This interdisciplinary course combines insights from the field of business with social psychology and applied ethics, to challenge students with an introspective look at some of today's most important ethical dilemmas. Students of BUS 1013 will learn that the ethical standards employed by businesses and corporations ultimately concern the quality of human behaviours in those organizations. Human behaviour evolves from many influences: our past relationships, the ways we think and feel; how we respond to pressures in various social contexts, and how we deliberate in our daily thoughts and actions. Each of these influences is intimately involved with the quality of our ethical decision making.

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