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PSW Simulation Apartment

This lab is used primarily by the Personal Support Worker and the Paramedic students. Personal Support Worker students train in the simulation apartment by practicing safe lifting and client care. Paramedic student practice responding to emergency calls, communicating with caregivers and navigating their equipment in and out of small spaces. The lab is equipped with cameras and microphones to allow teachers and fellow students to observe and give feedback.

Simulation Lab

Student Application

The state-of-the-art simulation lab is used by students within various health care programs. Students use high-fidelity mannequins along with scenario-based learning, where they receive hands-on training in a simulated setting. Students learn and practice multiple skills and clinical situations developing critical thinking, confidence and competence for future clinical experiences. With the ability to videotape within the simulation lab, students are given the opportunity to debrief and reflect on their experiences, thereby, enriching their learning.

Nursing Lab

Student Application

This newly renovated lab is used by students in the Practical Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Personal Support Worker programs. Students participate in scenario based learning where they receive hands-on training in a clinical setting. Nursing students practice lifting patients, understanding vital signs, completing simple and complex dressing changes, catheterization, IV management and documentation. Personal Support Worker students practice lifting patients, feeding, bathing and administering medicine.

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Rochelle Roberts
Program Coordinator
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