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The Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing is a one-year, two-term Ontario College Certificate program that covers the Level I in-school curriculum for the Plumbing Apprenticeship. Graduates will have an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the plumbing trade and become familiar with the associated tools and materials in accordance with industry safety standards and the Ontario Plumbing Code. In addition to vocational training, students will take courses in the areas of communication, mathematics and teamwork skills.

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Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent, with:

  • Grade 12 English C or U
  • Grade 12 Mathematics C or U

Mature Student Assessment for this program is available in the subject of English for the purpose of demonstrating proficiency in this required admission subject. For all other admission requirements, applicants must complete the required course(s) as listed above. For more information, please contact Review the Mature Student Admission process

Academic admission requirements can be obtained through Academic Upgrading and the Pre-Technology & Trades (PTEC) program at Lambton College.

Technology Requirements

In order to keep pace with the requirements of each and every course in your program, Lambton College recommends that each student have access to a laptop while studying at our college.

Course List

PLU-1002: Plumbing Codes and Prints I

In this course, you will learn how to produce isometric drawings to scale using industry-standard practices, procedures, and tools. The course will provide a sound foundation to enable you to produce orthographic drawings, and interpret drainage, waste, and vent construction trade drawings and job specifications. You will learn about applicable plumbing codes and develop an introductory understanding of how to locate and interpret relevant plumbing code rules.

PLU-1013: Plumbing Theory I

In this course, you will be introduced to the tools, materials, equipment, methods, and current regulations as they relate to the design and construction of piping systems in the plumbing field. You will learn and demonstrate the ability to identify, select and construct common plumbing piping materials as they would be used in field practice.

PLU-1023: Applied Plumbing Techniques I

In this course, you will be introduced to a variety of both hand tools and power tools and the techniques required for their safe use and care. You will be expected to safely demonstrate the ability to identify, select and use the tools to construct piping and construction projects using a variety of materials related to the plumbing trade.

PLU-1033: Workplace Safety for Plumbing

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of safety for the plumbing industry including basic hazards, safe rigging techniques, rigging practices and procedures, minimum safety practices, scissor lift, fall arrest, and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (2015). Additionally, you will learn about the theory and practice of safe storage and handling of propane cylinders and energy control and power lockout techniques for industry and on job sites.

PLU-1043: Solder, Brazing, and Oxy Fuel Techniques

This course will introduce you to safe identification, handling, and storage practices of common fuels used in the soldering and brazing process. You will demonstrate the ability to identify, select and assemble copper pipe and fittings using soft solder and brazing, and learn the basics of metal cutting with oxy-fuel technologies.

MTH-1303: Estimating and Calculating I

This course will develop the student's understanding of trade calculations and the ability to apply them to carpentry related problems. A student in this course reviews basic arithmetic using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; converts metric and imperial measurement; solves triangles using ratios and trigonometry; and defines and applies the properties of various geometric shapes.

COM-1113: Workplace Communications

This course focuses on skills required in any organization or position: writing business documents, responding to realistic scenarios, and speaking in an organized and vibrant manner. Students will practice professional communications skills by producing, revising, and editing short business documents and engaging in verbal interactions and presentations.

PLU-2003: Plumbing Code and Prints II

This course is a continuation of the basic level instruction in code and prints and will introduce you to the Ontario Building Code relating to Plumbing theory. Students will use the current Regulation to recognize, describe, size, and analyze drain, waste, and vent installations, and apply your learning to plumbing layouts in the field.

PLU-2013: Plumbing Theory II

This course will give you the ability to design and install a three-piece washroom group with a hot water tank installation. You will be using various plumbing materials and techniques to complete a number of projects typical in a residential structure. You will become familiar with the safe operation of a number of pieces of equipment and tooling commonly found in a plumbing application

PLU-2024: Applied Plumbing Techniques II

PLU-2043: Metal Cutting and Welding

In this course, you will learn general safety practices and operating principles of oxy-acetylene and arc welding, as well as brazing and cutting. This course focuses on hands-on applications and project work in the welding shop while learning the theoretical aspects of welding and metal cutting for plumbers.

ITS-1013: Information Technology Skills for Technology

Current and effective use of Information Technology Skills (ITS) is a requirement for all working professionals. ITS-1013 is a blended learning course designed to acquaint students with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint software as well as the fundamentals of file-management when using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Different browsers, practical Internet research tools and the Lambton College email program are also studied. This course is delivered using practical hands-on applications and comprises additional online skills assessment and training tools purposefully designed to provide flexibility in learning. Greater emphasis is placed on Microsoft Excel than Word and PowerPoint as the course aligns more closely to technology studies. This course further prepares students to apply these technological skills as they continue and expand in their technology program areas of study.

JSS-1001: Job Search and Success

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of how to conduct a job search and how to succeed in the work place. This includes self-reflection, effectively designing a cover letter and resume, online job searches utilizing social media, behavioural based interviewing as well as marketing oneself effectively in a job interview. Job safety, successful work strategies and harassment and discrimination plan of action is also discussed.

GED-XXX3: General Education Elective

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Employment Opportunities

Graduates from this program are excellent candidates for apprenticeships in mechanical trades such as Plumbing or Steamfitting. Plumbers frequently hold other certifications such as HVAC and 313A refrigeration mechanics, or they can work towards certification through TSSA as gas technicians as the work across these trades is related. They will have the capabilities to work in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial construction settings including renovation projects. They will also have the required skills to work in a warehouse or wholesale business in the plumbing field.

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