Graduate Success Stories

Daniela Leon Lizcano

Business Management - International Business
Graduated 2019

Where is your home country?


Where are you currently working?

Royal Bank of Canada

What is your current job title?

Business Analyst

How did your training at Lambton College set you up for success?

Lambton College has provided me with necessary skills to succeed and adapt to the Canadian financial industry. Courses have prepared me for real-life situations and have taught me critical thinking and communication skills. Specifically, courses such as: accounting, financial analysis and budgeting, and organizational behaviour have helped me develop new skills, which were necessary to thrive at my current workplace. Teachers used a combination of teaching methods that allowed me to apply theoretical terms to real life situations.

Another important factor was the co-op preparation and co-op placement. There is a wide variety of resources available to students such as mock interviews, resume feedback and employment workshops. These resources definitely helped me prepare for my job application, interview, and hiring process. It also prepared me for a smooth transition from a foreign country to join a Canadian workforce.

What advice would you give other potential students?

The Business Management - International Business has a diversified syllabus that prepares students to work in different industries, such as accounting, finance, trade, marketing and more. To those students considering taking this program, I can say that it will definitely deliver a high quality learning experience, where combined with your professional background, will help you to succeed in a Canadian workplace. Combine your own goals and projects with the teachings given by Lambton College and you are set to thrive professionally.

Students should also take advantage of the extra activities and materials offered by Lambton College. For instance, free LinkedIn Learning courses that complement your line of work; volunteering opportunities that allow you give back to the community while connecting with new people and growing your professional networks; tutoring services where you can show off your leadership skills and help out classmates or request additional assistance for specific courses, and on-campus job opportunities that will give you valuable work experience.

I had the opportunity to work at Lambton College as a teaching assistant and administrative assistant. Both experiences where extremely valuable to me. I improved my communication skills, connected with new people and learned plenty of new things every day. I am very grateful for all my educational preparation and work experience at Lambton College, and I attribute my success to their constant support and preparation.

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