Human Resources Management


Program Information

The Human Resources Management program is designed for university or college graduates eager to participate in an increasingly vital area of business management. The dynamic field of Human Resources is critical in today's competitive environment. Companies now recognize that strong management of their human resources provides a competitive advantage and leads to organizational success.

This program provides college and university graduates with a strong foundation in human resources and is designed around the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) competency framework. Students may wish to pursue the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation upon graduation, at an additional fee.

Admission Requirements

A university degree, college diploma or advanced diploma 
- or - 
Acceptable combination of related work experience and post-secondary education as judged by the college to be equivalent to the above.

Employment Opportunities

Our graduates have the skills to enter a broad range of human resources roles at the entry level, with potential for advancement into management. Graduates are employed in positions as recruiters, compensation analysts, pension and benefits assistants, health and safety assistants, employment equity officers, training and development assistants, labour relations assistants and other entry-level positions in human resources management.


Human Resources Professionals Association

Students in this program complete all of the courses necessary to write the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam (CKE), which is required to obtain the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. There is a fee to write this exam.

Further information regarding the CHRP designation is available at the Human Resources Professionals Association website.

Separate registration, eligibility and fees determined by the Human Resources Professionals Association will apply and the additional registrations are not included in the Human Resources Management program fees. 

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