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Graduates employed in Ontario are exempt from having to take the three levels of in-school Millwright Apprentice training and from having to take the exemption tests. Graduates have the choice of seeking employment as a mechanical technician or a millwright apprentice. Those choosing to become Ontario registered millwrights are required to complete their on-the-job millwright apprentice competencies as well to pass a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) examination.

A transfer agreement exists between graduates of the MTIM program and the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office. Graduates who were registered apprentices while in the MTIM program are exempt from having to take the first three periods of Alberta's Millwright Apprentice in-school training program. They must also successfully complete their fourth period of in-school training and the required number of on-the-job training hours. Non-registered apprentice graduates are required to challenge the first three exemption tests, complete the fourth period of in-school training, and then complete the required number of on-the-job training hours. Graduates seeking employment in other provinces must negotiate transfer agreements on an individual basis. All provinces require apprentices to pass the C of Q test in order to be designated millwrights.

Graduates of the MTIM program will be eligible to receive certification under the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program, a standardized certificate program developed to help ensure potential nuclear plan workers study an industry-approved curriculum. Additionally, MTIM students will be eligible for field or cooperative experiences that are consistent with the program description including opportunities at Bruce Power.

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