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Students entering this program must meet specific field/clinical requirements by a specified deadline to be eligible for placement with our community partners.

Once you've applied to Lambton College, you can log in to and view program-specific Field & Clinical Placement requirements.

The Child & Youth Care Program is dynamic and interactive and allows for students to practice core skills in a safe environment leading to feedback and assessments that are relevant and individualized. With over 1300 hours of placement experience, capstone project, community action, and contribution plan, graduates can build robust resumés and ensure job readiness.

Our local placement agency network and stakeholders take active roles in assisting students to reach their vocational goals. Often workshops and certifications can be accessed during a student’s placement hours building additional qualifications that promote future employment. Project-based placements are also available allowing students to impact children, youth, and families through research projects, proposals, and enhanced programming.

Our community action and capstone project challenges and develops key employability skills and competencies. Also, lab simulations assist students in gaining perspective on the nuances, tone, and nature of their work. The Contribution Plan Project challenges students to research and develop innovative ideas that allow them the opportunity to create their own job upon graduation.

In the Child & Youth Care program, many courses are taken concurrently with field placement. Students not attending field placements or seminars, will be withdrawn automatically from all corequisite courses.

Many agencies serving children and youth require students to drive; a valid driver’s license is required for field placement purposes.

For more information, please contact the appropriate campus:

Sarnia/Main Campus
905-890-7833 x 222
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