Graduate Success Stories

Graduated 2019

Bruno Santos

Computer Software & Database Development

Where are you from?


Where are you currently living? 

St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador

Where are you currently working?

Verafin Inc.

How do you feel that your training at Lambton College has prepared you for your success?

The CSAT program is well designed and delivered by qualified professionals who are passionate about technology. As a student, LCIT will equip you with the required knowledge to be confident not only during the selective processes but also immediately after starting working.

What advice would you give to somebody who is considering taking the same program at Lambton College?

Learning software development skills have become accessible via the Internet, but to master in the field, you should produce code with quality and speed. Go beyond the boundaries of the classroom activities and do a profound research in each subject LCIT professor's request, and the result will come.

Anything else to add about your Lambton College experience or your current success?

The labour market is full of competitive candidates. If you want to succeed, LCIT will provide all the perfect tools to achieve your goals. Stay focused from day one, and engage yourself into LCIT extracurricular programs.  

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