International Business


Additional Fees

This is a Textbooks for All program. The anticipated cost for your textbooks in the first semester is approximately $470. This will include all the textbooks for the courses that are accredited by the Forum for International Trade Training and two additional textbooks.

Student Services

  • Student Services Fee - $200 per semester


  • E-textbooks may be mandatory

Medical Insurance

  • Medical Insurance Fee - $660 per year provided by
  • Medical Insurance is mandatory for all full-time, part-time, and co-op students of Lambton College. Medical insurance is provided by - a third-party insurance provider. Full-time, part-time and co-op students of Lambton College are not permitted to opt-out of the medical insurance fee as it is noncancellable and non-transferable. Beginning with the Fall 2019 intake insurance costs will be charged on an annual basis. For students in preceding intakes, updated charges will be reflected on WebAdvisor in advance of your fee payment deadline.

Important Dates, Deadlines & Late Fees

For additional information on registration dates, deadlines and late fees please refer to Registration Dates and Deadlines.

International Education
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