Advanced Teaching - E-Learning & Instructional Design


Program Information

The traditional modes of classroom-based training are rapidly changing due to advancements in learning technology and more innovative media formats. The tech-savvy students and employees of today demand more personal and interactive ways to teach. Educators, employers and industry are seeing the importance of how they teach, facilitate, train and develop using e-learning technologies and methods. 

The Advanced Teaching – E-Learning and Instructional Design, Ontario College Graduate Certificate complements the practical skills of educational professionals by adding technology-based, online and e-learning tools that can be effectively integrated into the learning, training and development environment. Learning management systems of today will be the key to unlocking a better educated learner and employee in the future. 

As a mobile college, this program aligns with the Lambton College strategic mandate to be a leader in mobile educational technology. The program curriculum focuses on meeting the growing need for highly skilled professionals to assume leadership roles in e-learning and instructional design, training and development, and online facilitation. Students develop proficiency with industry-standard online learning tools including: Articulate Storyline, Learning Management Systems, and  Web Conferencing Applications; as well as e-learning, Quality Assurance and accessibility standards and guidelines. 

This program is designed for a wide range of people, from those who teach in a formal classroom setting to anyone who trains and develops employees, facilitates workshops or educates general interest programs to a wide range of learner groups. Graduates can expect to develop and expand their knowledge of adult learning theory using state-of-the-art online learning technologies.

The 7-1-7 Programming Model

This program uses the 7-1-7 model based on seven weeks of classes; a study week; followed by another seven weeks of classes. 

During the spring/summer term, classes may be offered in a compressed format where students take a set of classes in the first seven weeks (Session I) and a second set of classes in the next seven weeks (Session II). 

For information on specific break dates, please see the Academic Dates & Deadlines.

Device Requirements

This program requires a laptop.

See full device requirements.

Admission Requirements

Ontario college diploma, or Ontario college advanced diploma, or degree in education or related field.

Employment Opportunities

Career positions may include, but are not limited to: e-learning specialist, e-learning developer, e-learning designer, learning and development specialist, corporate trainer, instructor, training officer, curriculum developer, instructional designer, and education consultant.

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