Program Capabilities

Program Capabilities outline what skills students should possess as they progress through each term/year of their program.

Students and employers will find this information most useful and can reference either the list of skills or the full program capabilities document to ensure students are gaining the experience they need to fulfill the program requirements.

Upon Graduation

  • Facilitate online and technology-mediated learning to support student success
  • Relate and apply teaching curriculum theory to the development and design of courses utilizing educational technology and instructional design
  • Evaluate and recommend learning strategies when developing and designing courses for a variety of learning platforms
  • Assess integrated learning methods, evaluations and assessments to select the most appropriate for a variety of educational environments
  • Evaluate quality of all materials and follow copyright laws and compliance in use of electronic content
  • Develop and manage educational technology courses from proposal, through development, to readiness for delivery
  • Integrate fundamentals of design, illustration, animation, audio, and video to design engaging technology-based learning systems
  • Develop lesson plans and train students in the use of educational technologies
  • Compare service options to recommend appropriate strategies to support learners in technology-mediated learning environments
  • Able to curate, develop and storyboard E-learning content to design and create effective online training modules.


For more information, please contact the appropriate campus:

Sarnia/Main Campus
905-890-7833 x 222
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