Industrial Automation Network Infrastructure


Program Information

There is a strong need in today's workplace for advanced skills related to design and development of software and electronic hardware systems integration. 

In the two-term Industrial Automation Network Infrastructure, Ontario College Graduate Certificate program, students integrate previous theoretical knowledge into the hands-on education necessary to prepare graduates for in-demand careers in the ever-evolving smart systems network infrastructure technology field. 

These areas of theoretical knowledge include, instrumentation, electronics, information science, computer science, software science and communication science and other related fields.

This unique program delivers an interdisciplinary learning experience in information technology infrastructure, programming and embedded systems fundamentals that allows students to explore design concepts and integration of modern communications principles with industrial and portable electronic devices.

Students gain in-depth understanding of the complex challenges of modern industrial and business operations in the field of smart systems components and devices. Program curriculum prepares students with the core competencies in information technology and programming that are required in practical courses on embedded systems development.

Admission Requirements

A degree, diploma or advanced diploma or equivalent in electronics, instrumentation, computers, business, mathematics, engineering, statistics or related discipline.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates may be employed in a variety of embedded hardware and software roles or as project managers or entrepreneurs. Graduates will learn the skills needed for many exciting careers.

Apprenticeship & Trades Training


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