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Program Information

The Community Mental Health - Multidiscipline Ontario Graduate Certificate program is designed for a diverse group of learners who recognize the importance of community awareness, acceptance and action relating to mental health issues and concerns.

Through an enhanced level of knowledge and evidence-based practice in mental health care and advocacy, this program will explore the complexities of mental illness, the link to addictions and the needs of a diverse population. Cultural and legislative strategies that impact mental health care and lead to a more supportive and open society will be examined. Learners will gain a new understanding of mental health issues across the life span including knowledge in addictions, assessment and intervention approaches, and relapse prevention. Strategies for maintaining healthy lifestyle for individuals, helpers and their support networks will also be explored.

In consultation with the faculty, students will create their own supervised field experience where they will be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills, in their unique work place or a community service that operates in the area of mental health awareness, intervention or prevention. Opportunities for the student to become an advocate for change will be strongly supported.

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Admission Requirements

A college diploma, university degree or equivalent

Note: Students are encouraged to declare their program of choice with the Registrar's Office when registering for their first course. Students must declare their program of choice by the time they complete the third course in any one program. Applications for this program are not accepted through

Employment Opportunities

This program will enhance and enrich skills and knowledge for individuals who already work in health care or social service fields who wish to specialize further in community mental health.

With this foundation in community mental health, graduates will be able to compete for career opportunities in a variety of agencies who work with consumer, and their support networks. Depending upon the graduate's other credentials, students may seek employment providing mental health care services to consumers in community settings, hospitals, long-term care facilities, group homes, hospices, psychiatric facilities, drop-in centres and other areas agencies the community.

Community Services


Program Information

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