Diabetes Education for Health Professionals


Program Information

This Board of Governors certificate program offers a firm foundation in current clinical approaches to diabetes education. It is designed for health professionals who wish to specialize in the field of diabetes education. The program requires completion of four online theory courses and a 40-hour program capstone project. The program is a step towards certification with the Canadian Diabetes Association as a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Admission Requirements

Students must be health professionals.

Applications for this program are not accepted through ontariocolleges.ca.

If you are taking part-time courses with the intention of completing a program and earning a credential, you must meet Admission Requirements outlined on the program page. It is the student's responsibility to supply proof of admission requirements to the Office of the Registrar before he/she has completed three courses in the program.

If you do complete the program and do not have the appropriate admission requirements, you will be ineligible to receive your certificate or diploma.

If you believe you have an equivalent level of knowledge and would like credit for Prior Learning Assessment, please contact Counselling at 519-542-7751 ext 3412 at least two weeks before classes begin.


Upon completion of the Lambton certificate, the student needs to be registered with a regulatory body in Canada as a regulated health professional and serve 800 practical hours prior to writing the Diabetes Educator exam. For more information, students are encouraged to contact the Canadian Diabetes Association and discover more about becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Online Education


Program Information

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