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Program Information

The Fundraising Leadership Board of Governors Certificate program is designed to enable graduates to work and perform effectively in fundraising, donor relations and volunteer management.

This certificate provides the skills needed to support a career in fundraising and to contribute more effectively to their organization. The Fundraising Leadership Board of Governors Certificate program will provide vocational training via online courses, offering flexibility to study and an online learning community in which to be successful. The program includes five courses offered online via OntarioLearn followed by a capstone project.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D or equivalent
Mature Student Status

Mature applicants must be at least 19 years of age by the start of classes and be out of secondary school for at least one year. Mature applicant testing is available in the Counselling Department. The test(s) will demonstrate equivalency in required admission subjects. For more information please contact the Counselling Department at ext 3412.

Applications for this program are not accepted through

Employment Opportunities

Job opportunities are plentiful and expanding for fundraisers. Canada has one of the largest and most vibrant non-profit and voluntary sectors in the world. An estimated 161,000 non-profits and charities raise billions of dollars each year. These organizations employ close to two million Canadians in a broad range of activities.

Online & Continuing Education


Program Information

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