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Program Capabilities

Program Capabilities outline what skills students should possess as they progress through each term/year of their program.

Co-op students and employers will find this information most useful and can reference this capabilities document to ensure students are gaining the experience they need to fulfill the program requirements.

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The student will be capable of the following skills by the end of the term indicated:

Upon Graduation

  • Contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of employee recruitment, selection, and retention plans and processes 
  • Administer and contribute to the design and evaluation of the performance management program 
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate employee orientation, training, and development programs 
  • Facilitate and support effective employee and labour relations in both non-union and union environments 
  • Research and support the development and communication of the organization’s total compensation plan 
  • Collaborate with others, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of organizational health and safety policies and practices 
  • Research and analyze information needs and apply current and emerging information technologies to support the human resources function 
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate organizational development strategies aimed at promoting organizational effectiveness 
  • Present and evaluate communication messages and processes related to the human resources function of the organization 
  • Manage own professional development and provide leadership to others in the achievement of ongoing competence in human resources professional practice 
  • Facilitate and communicate the human resources component of the organization’s business plan 
  • Conduct research, produce reports, and recommend changes in human resources practices

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