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The Advanced Teaching - eLearning & Instructional Design Ontario College Graduate Certificate validates your existing and newly acquired skills in elearning and instructional design, training and development, and online facilitation. The program covers industry-standard online learning tools as well as elearning design and development, adult learning theory, Quality Assurance, and accessibility standards and guidelines.

If you have previous education in a related area you may be eligible for transfer credit. If you have related experience that is not reflected in your education history, you may have the option of demonstrating your mastery of a particular course or micro-credential's competencies. Either way, you can complete the certificate faster by getting credit for what you already know.

The iACT Difference

Demand is growing for people with skills in elearning technology, instructional design, and online course development. Lambton College offers you two pathways to join the rapidly expanding field of elearning design and development. 

You can focus on specific skills or you can pursue an Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Advanced Teaching - eLearning & Instructional Design. The best part is, you don't have to decide ahead of time which option to pursue. 

Lambton College's iACT delivery model gives you the freedom to choose the path that suits you. Pay for only the courses you want and then decide later if you want to register in the full program. The transition is seamless.

eLearning Professional Development Toolkit

Want to focus on building specific skills without pursuing a full program?

You can use the courses in this program as your professional development toolkit. See the course list for details about the clusters of courses available for micro-credential completion.

See Course List

Admission Requirements

A university degree, college diploma or advanced diploma or equivalent.

If you are taking part-time courses with the intention of completing a program and earning a credential, you must meet Admission Requirements outlined on the program page. It is the student's responsibility to supply proof of admission requirements to the Office of the Registrar before he/she has completed three courses in the program.

If you do complete the program and do not have the appropriate admission requirements, you will be ineligible to receive your certificate or diploma.

If you believe you have an equivalent level of knowledge and would like credit for Prior Learning Assessment, please contact Counselling at 519-542-7751 ext 3412 at least two weeks before classes begin.

Course List

Instructional Design

Planning and Development

eLearning Technology

Experiential Learning and Internships

Program Maps

Current Students

Current students can view program maps from previous years on the mylambton website. 

You will need to login with your C# and password in order to access your program map.

Employment Opportunities

Our graduates can be found in positions such as corporate trainer, instructor, training officer, curriculum developer, instructional designer, and education consultant.

Online Education

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