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What is an iACT program?

Individualized-Accelerated Competency-Based Training (iACT) programs are designed to help students get credit for the skills they already have while rapidly acquiring the competencies they need to advance their career. iACT programs are flexible upskilling programs that recognize the importance of valuing experience, providing accelerated training, and focusing on skill acquisition.

What is a Micro-Credential?

Micro-credentials are focused, competency-based certifications that recognize skill mastery of one or more competencies. They can be earned by students, employees and lifelong learners who wish to upgrade or expand their skills. Students who successfully complete a micro-credential are issued a digital badge that contains data about the competencies they have mastered. Badges can be displayed on an online resume or portfolio, or on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Can I get transfer credit for related education?

Students who have completed a Lambton College certificate in Adult Education, eLearning Developer, or Instructional Design get automatic transfer credit for courses that are common to the ATDS program. Students who have taken similar programs at other institutions can also apply for transfer credit into ATDS.

Students with a Bachelor's or Master's of Education can apply for transfer credit for the curriculum related courses they have taken.

See more information on applying for Transfer Credit

Can I get credit for related work experience?

If you have related experience that is not reflected in your education history, you may have the option of using the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition process to demonstrate that you have already mastered the competencies from a particular course or micro-credential.

Please review the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) section of Lambton College's Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition - Internal and External policy (2000-1-10) for more information.

How do I enroll in the iACT-Flex ATDS Ontario College Graduate Certificate?

Students in part-time programs register on a course-by-course basis, which gives you the flexibility to take courses in the order that works for you. When you register for your first course, during the registration process you'll be asked if you are taking the course as part of a program. To enroll, just select ATDS from the pull-down menu of program options.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they meet the Admission Requirement. If you are unsure whether your prior education or experience qualifies you to enroll in the ADTS Graduate Certificate program, please contact to confirm your eligibility.

Can I register in individual courses without enrolling in the program?

Students who want to focus on building specific competencies without pursuing a full program can use the iACT-Flex ATDS program as a toolbox. The flexible design of iACT programs gives students the opportunity to choose the specific courses and micro-credentials they need to enhance their skills.

To register in an individual course, just click on the Register Now button on the course page and follow the instructions to register and pay.

Is software included in the cost of a course?

Some courses in the ATDS program require access to specialized software such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Articulate Storyline. The cost of this specialized software is not included in the registration fees for the courses that require it. Please note that Articulate Storyline offers a free 60-day trial and Lambton College students are eligible for a discount on Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. In order to make sure that students maximize the value of a discounted subscription or free trial, it is recommended that students do not start them until directed to do so by their instructor.

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