Business Administration
Program Code: BGEN (International) Length of Program: Three-Year Co-op Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Advanced Diploma Starts: Sep (Open)
Term 1 MTH-1223 Business Mathematics I COM-1013 Business English Skills I BUS-1234 Computer Applications for Business MAN-1103 Human Resource Management MKT-1143 Marketing Fundamentals ACC-1004 Accounting Theory and Practice I - OR - ACC-1093 Accounting Concepts I Term 2 MTH-2223 Business Mathematics II COM-2013 Business English Skills II PHL-1253 Ethical Leadership and Critical Decision Making BUS-1103 Global Business Principles ACC-2004 Accounting Theory and Practice II - OR - ACC-2104 Accounting Concepts II JSS-1001 Job Search and Success Academic Break Academic Break Term 3 STA-1103 Business Statistics ECO-1123 Microeconomics MKT-1103 Social Media Marketing MAN-1163 Organizational Behaviour MKT-3213 Business Intelligence I Business Option - Select 1 Term 4 LAW-1003 Business Law ECO-1113 Macroeconomics MAN-1033 Operations Management GED-XXX3 General Education Elective MKT-4213 Business Intelligence II MKT-3353 Integrated Marketing Communications Term 5 CPL-1049 Co-op Work Term (optional) Term 6 BUS-5503 Entrepreneurship I FIN-1013 Financial Analysis and Budgeting - OR - FIN-1203 Financial Management I GED-XXX3 General Education Elective Business Options - Select 3 Term 7 BUS-6503 Entrepreneurship II GED-XXX3 General Education Elective FIN-2203 Financial Management II (optional) Business Options - Select 4

The three-year Business Administration program prepares graduates for a world of business and educational opportunities. For those looking to work for a small, medium or large organization, start their own business, or continue their education at university, the Business Administration programs is the right program for you. This three-year program has been developed specifically for students to personalize their program of study to suit their abilities and interests and put them in the best possible light for employment. 

During the first year, students will participate in an active learning environment and be exposed to a curriculum that builds a solid knowledge base of the major areas of business. This lays a foundation for the areas of concentration and for the development of teamwork, leadership, and research skills.  Students may participate in an optional co-op work term that would reinforce the curriculum with hands-on work experience.

Areas of Concentration

After a foundational year of essential business courses, students may choose one or two areas of concentration in Marketing or Entrepreneurship or Human Resources. There are eight business option courses and by selecting four courses from one category, an area of concentration will be achieved.

All students in the Business Administration program will take two entrepreneurship project courses where they will research and plan their own business or work on special projects for existing businesses. All students will have access to The Cube - Lambton College's entrepreneurship hub - and the ability to participate in Enactus - our national award-winning social entrepreneurship team.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:
Grade 12 English C or U
Grade 11 or 12 Mathematics C or U

The admissions process is competitive and meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee admission.

Employment Opportunities

Depending on your unique skills and chosen area of concentration, you can expect to enter a broad range of employment roles, from entry-level management to positions of greater responsibility. Our graduates can be found in marketing management and strategic planning, marketing research, media and promotion, retailing, sales, supply chain management, recruitment, training and development, labour relations, compensation, and pension and benefits. Some graduates have opted to become entrepreneurs and follow their dreams by developing their own businesses.

For information about post-graduate work eligibility for international students, please review the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program information.

Tuition Fees

Please visit the international tuition fee section for individual program fees. For more information regarding tuition, please contact or 519-542-7751 ext 3018.

For more information, please contact the appropriate campus:

905-890-7833 x 222
Sarnia/Main Campus