Business Management - International Business
Program Code: BMIB (International) Length of Program: Two-Year Co-op Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Graduate Certificate Starts: Sep (Open) Jan (Open) May (Open)
Term 1 MAN-1103 Human Resource Management ACC-1094 Accounting Concepts I MKT-1143 Marketing Fundamentals ECO-1503 Principles of Economics BUS-1234 Computer Applications for Business ENG-1204 English Essentials Term 2 FIN-1013 Financial Analysis and Budgeting LAW-1003 Business Law INT-1113 Feasibility of International Trade INT-1123 Global Value Chain INT-3153 International Sales and Marketing CFF-2013 International Transportation and Trade (ITT) CPP-1001 Co-op Preparation Academic Break Academic Break Term 3 MAN-1163 Organizational Behaviour INT-3133 International Market Entry Strategies INT-3143 Development of Products and Services for an International Market FIN-3163 International Trade Finance CFF-3023 Essentials of Freight Forwarding (EFF) INT-4202 Field Study Project Term 4 CPL-1049 Work Term - Full-Time* - OR - CPL-5559 Applied Project
The term schedule above demonstrates a September intake program map. Students entering this program in January or May will follow a separate term schedule.

The Business Management – International Business Graduate Certificate program, uses a student-centered, classroom-based approach to learning. It is designed to prepare university and college graduates for a career in the exciting field of business. Students will develop the skills to research, analyze and manage many aspects of business.

Curriculum emphasizes marketing, trade, research, supply chain management, law and project management in an international business setting. Graduates will gain specialized career expertise, technical knowledge and skills in international business, as well as, practical experience with an international field study project that will enable them to start their career in business.

Program Capabilities outline what skills students should possess as they progress through each term/year of their program.

Co-op students and employers will find this information most useful and can reference this capabilities document to ensure students are gaining the experience they need to fulfull the program requirements.

The student will be capable of the following skills by the end of the term indicated:

Upon Graduation

  • Interpret and record business transactions, and prepare basic financial statements 
  • Integrate knowledge of capital investments, credit planning, and finance into relevant aspects of work 
  • Utilize the concepts and business applications of computer information systems 
  • Apply decision-making and problem solving techniques in formulating business policy 
  • Apply the concepts of human resource management and organizational behaviour to establish and maintain effective working relationships 
  • Analyze a marketing situation and develop appropriate advertising recommendations and sales promotion strategies 
  • Compare and contrast various pricing strategies and their effects on sales and profits 
  • Prepare and deliver a sales presentation 
  • Utilize effective oral and written communications in all aspects of work completed 
  • Apply effective interpersonal skills 
  • Articulate various economic principles and their relationship to business 
  • Complete all work according to relevant and accepted business ethics and within the scope of corporate responsibility 
  • Assist in the logistical functions of an international business 
  • Implement strategies utilizing domestic and foreign government programs, policies, and agencies which facilitate international trade 
  • Evaluate the viability of marketing a product or service in an international market or markets 
  • Articulate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by entrepreneurial ventures 
  • Complete all work in a manner consistent with law and professional standards, practices and protocols.

Upon Graduation

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