General Arts & Science - College Exploration
Program Code: GASX (Full-Time) Length of Program: One-Year Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Certificate
Term 1 ELEC-0003 Elective - Select 4 COM-1013 Critical Thinking and Writing Term 2 JSS-1001 Job Search and Success ELEC-0003 Elective - Select 4 GED-XXX3 General Education Elective

This program is fully customizable to meet the unique needs and talents of our students.

The General Arts & Science - College Exploration program offers the extreme in personal flexibility and academic programming. Comprising a total of 11 courses, but only two required courses and one general education elective, students can literally design their own college certificate to explore career, education, and training opportunities.

This program is ideally suited for students who:

By providing students with a competitive edge – whether in employment or program admission – this program gives students the control to select courses from a wide range of disciplines, including business, humanities, social sciences, science, and technology.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:

Employment Opportunities

The General Arts & Science - College Exploration program provides a gateway for further education or for advancing at work.

Canada is fast becoming a credentials-based work place. Our graduates have the competitive edge and improved ability to compete in many industries.

Graduates may be able to use selected courses for credit transfer into a college or university program.

Students seeking transfer credit (internal and external) should be aware that transferable courses may require a minimum grade level of B (3.0) to qualify, and that grade minimums (internal and external) for transfer can vary by institution as well as by program.

Tuition Fees

Please Note: These fees apply to the 2022-2023 academic year and are subject to change. Fees do not include books (unless specifically noted), supplies or living costs.

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