Office Administration - Health Services (for Executive Graduates)
Program Code: OADH (Full-Time) Length of Program: One-Year (Internship) Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Diploma
Term 1 OAH-3024 Medical Transcription I and Keyboarding OAH-3204 Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology I OXH-3803 Database Management* OAG-1153 Multimedia Presentations* Term 2 CPL-2003 Work Term - Part-Time -and- OAH-4002 Pharmacology OAH-4072 Medical Transcription II OAH-4303 Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology II OAH-4402 Medical Office Billing OAH-4104 Health Services Office Procedures

Are you a recent Office Administration - Executive graduate? Do you wish to broaden your skills? If your Ontario College Diploma is seven years old or less, you may earn a second diploma in Office Administration - Health Services in only one year. Lambton College has made it easy for Office Administration graduates to earn a second credential without having to submit transfer credit requests. All you have to do is apply directly through and register for the specialty you wish to pursue.

The role of administrative professionals continues to expand and executives are relying on their assistants more than ever to help address business needs. Computers facilitate the quick exchange of all types of information; however, administrative professionals must be able to craft clear and convincing messages using tact and diplomacy and prove they are the ultimate multi-taskers. Success will depend on the student's ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients and advanced proficiency in all aspects of computer software. This double diploma opportunity will expand your knowledge and experiential portfolio which will open up more pathways in the field of office administration. In the office of the future, graduates may be required to operate more autonomously as the workforce relies more and more on mobile technology.

Admission Requirements

Ontario College Diploma in Office Administration - Executive

Please Note: Diploma can be no more than seven years old as per Progression and Graduation from a Program Policy (2000-1-5).

Employment Opportunities

Advanced computer skills and diversity in terms of business office practices achieved are readily transferable to other academic and career paths for those graduates with dual credentials. Graduates with dual credentials can find jobs with titles ranging from Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Purchasing Assistant, Office Coordinator, Transcriptionist, Customer Service Manager, Medical Secretary, Patient Registration/Admissions Clerk, and Enrolment Specialist.

Tuition Fees

Please Note: These fees apply to the 2021-2022 academic year and are subject to change. Fees do not include books (unless specifically noted), supplies or living costs.

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Program Information

Sherri Veilleux
Program Coordinator
519-542-7751 x 3528