LSAT Preparation
Program Code: FTLP (Part-Time) Awarded Upon Completion: Award of Recognition
Mobile Learning Program

The LSAT Preparation Award of Recognition allows students to learn about law school entrance procedures, develop analytical reasoning skills, improve test-taking skills, improve reading comprehension and logical reasoning skills. Discover proven approaches for selecting correct exam answers on the new Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

These courses are specifically designed for United States college and university entrance exams. If you are planning to apply to an American Law School, these courses will help you prepare.

Please Note: Students are encouraged to declare their program of choice with the Registrar's Office when registering for their first course. Students must declare their program of choice by the time they complete the third course in any one program. Applications for this program are not accepted through

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Fees for this program are charged on a course-by-course basis. For individual course fees, please visit the course list and select a course.

Online course choices will have added software fees and book costs are not included in course fees unless otherwise stated.

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