Sports & Recreation Management
Program Code: SRAM (International) Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Term 1 SRM-1003 Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management SRM-1013 Sports Marketing SRM-2113 Current Concepts in Health and Wellness BUS-1234 Computer Applications for Business COM-1013 Critical Thinking and Writing Term 2 SRM-2303 Recreation Programming MKT-1103 Social Media Marketing COM-2013 Communications for Business SRM-2603 Fundraising and Sport Sponsorship SRM-5103 Training Principles JSS-1001 Job Search and Success GED-XXX3 General Education Elective Academic Break Academic Break Term 3 SRM-5003 Facilities Management SRM-3203 Tournaments and League Management SRM-3113 Seasonal Recreation ACC-3083 Introduction to Managerial Accounting MKT-3213 Business Intelligence I GED-XXX3 General Education Elective Term 4 SRM-5013 Special Events Management SRM-6203 Coaching Theories and Principles FHP-2003 Risk Management GED-XXX3 General Education Elective MKT-3403 Selling - OR - FHP-3103 Health Promotion (online) - OR - CPL-1003 Work Term - Part-Time (12 hrs/wk) Term 5 SRM-5703 Sport Research and Analytics SRM-5503 Outdoor Pursuits SRM-5303 Sports Event Capstone Project I ESA-3004 Video/Audio Production - OR - TRE-1033 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation - OR - PHR-1093 Anatomy and Physiology - OR - TRE-3303 Leisure and Aging MKT-3103 Consumer Behaviour and Trends Term 6 SRM-5403 Field Study in Sport Management SRM-2503 Sport in Society FHP-1203 Physical Literacy SRM-6303 Sports Event Capstone Project II PHL-1253 Ethical Leadership and Critical Decision Making - OR - MKT-3353 Integrated Marketing Communications - OR - SCU-1603 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship - OR - CPL-2003 Work Term - Part-Time II (12 hrs/wk)

Do you dream of a career working with your favourite team or sport? Do you have a passion to change the lives of others through building confidence and skills? Are you a team player? These are but a few reasons for you to consider the Sports & Recreation Management program at Lambton College where you prepare for a career where you can make a difference.

The program offers graduates a robust multi-disciplinary approach to the diverse industry that is sports and recreation management. Graduates gain business acumen through a sports and recreation lens. Graduates are prepared to identify, plan, and implement successful recreational activity programs for all ages and abilities. Graduates are able to provide leadership to health and fitness initiatives and wellness programs. This three-pronged approach to the curriculum ensures graduates are prepared for careers in the business of sport and recreation as well as the health and fitness industry.

The curriculum of this three-year advanced diploma has experiential learning opportunities integrated throughout including field placement, industry experiences, field trips, and service learning. Our students are at the forefront of providing leadership for our industry partners including the Sarnia Sting of the Ontario Hockey League who are located on campus.

Leadership, teamwork, project management, research, information technology, marketing, time management, and communication are but a few skills employers in this industry are looking for when hiring. Our graduates are highly sought because they are industry ready.

Experiential Learning

Students in the Sports & Recreation Management program have a number of opportunities to gain real-world experience throughout the course curriculum. These experiences include:

Recess - Focus on Mental Health

Recess is a program that began as a way for the Sports & Recreation Management program to recognize the importance of physical activity and social engagement in the maintenance of good mental health. As such, intentional opportunities for students in the program to come out for recess were created. Students and faculty enjoy this optional, one hour per week to participate in a variety of activities designed to promote laughter, comradery, and to network.

We often hear back from students about how large a role recess played in their success in the Sports & Recreation Management program.

Still looking for more? Lambton’s Sports & Recreation Management program has many attractive university pathway agreements. Our program is held in high esteem by the University of Windsor who’s Bachelor of Human Kinetics - Sports Management and Leadership degree is recognized as one of the best in the world. Qualified graduates are able to earn this university credential with only two additional years of study.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:

Employment Opportunities

For over 20 years, our graduates have pursued successful careers in the public, private, and commercial sectors of the sport and recreation industry as facility and program managers, sports marketing and sales representatives, athletic directors, league administrators, special event managers, fitness and recreation program leaders, equipment and sporting goods representatives, health promoters, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Tuition Fees

Please visit the international tuition fee section for individual program fees. For more information regarding tuition, please contact or 519-542-7751 ext 3018.

For more information, please contact the appropriate campus:

Sarnia Campus
905-890-7833 x 222