Big Data Analytics
Program Code: (International) Length of Program: Two-Year Co-op Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Term 1 BDM-1003 Big Data Tools BDM-1213 Data Encoding Principles and Collection Methods BDM-1024 Data Technology Solutions BDM-1043 Big Data Fundamentals AML-1214 Python Programming BDM-1113 NoSQL Database Term 2 BDM-1034 Application Design for Big Data BDM-3014 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence AML-2203 Advanced Python AI and ML Tools BDM-2053 Big Data Algorithms and Statistics BDM-2203 Big Data Visualization for Business Communication JSS-1001 Job Search and Success Academic Break Academic Break Term 3 AML-2304 Natural Language Processing BDM-3603 Big Data Network AML-3204 Social Media Analytics AML-3104 Neural Networks and Deep Learning BDM-3035 Big Data Capstone Project Term 4 CPL-1049 Work Term - Full-Time* - OR - CPL-5559 WIL Project

Developing new ways to interpret large amounts of information collected through web sites, transactions, records, and images can help provide solutions to many business, social, society, and technological challenges of today. Big data enables users to make informed decisions and better predict future outcomes. 

The Lambton College Big Data Analytics, Ontario College Graduate Certificate is focused on utilizing big data technology for unstructured data to help guide executive, management, and industry decision-making.

The innovative curriculum will focus on topics such as information administration, development, project management, and business communications. In combination with Business Intelligence tools, data analytics, and cloud computing, students will blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills to learn how to capture, collect, curate, search, analyze and store complex data sets that are utilized by organizations to guide business decisions. The final semester will enhance all learning outcomes through a co-operative education work term or applied project.

In addition to a full range of enhanced virtualization deployment skills, data analytics, cloud computing theory, project management and business communications students will apply these skills to a variety of cutting-edge open-source and vendor-specific virtualization solutions. 

Admission Requirements

A university degree in computers, mathematics, engineering, statistics or related discipline.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the program may be employed in roles such as Data Analyst, Analytics Specialist, Business Analytic Specialist, Project Manager or related fields.

Career positions may include, but are not limited to: Analytics Visualization Analyst, Applications Developer, Big Data Administrator, Big Data Applications Developer, Big Data Architect, Big Data Analytics Developer, Big Data Developer (Hadoop, Sparks, R, Java, Python), Big Data Hardware Engineer, Big Data Security/Threats Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Analytics Specialist, Cloud Systems Administrator, Compliance Analyst, Database Administrator, Data Analyst, Data Hardware Engineer, Data Insights Analyst, Data Networking Analyst, Data Networking Engineer, Data Reporting Analyst, Data Scientist, Identity Access Analyst, Information Analyst, Marketing Analytics Analyst, Marketing Intelligence Analyst, Network Manager, Operations Analytics Analyst.

Tuition Fees

Please visit the international tuition fee section for individual program fees. For more information regarding tuition, please contact or 519-542-7751 ext 3018.