eLearning Design & Training Development

Program Code: ETIS (International) Length of Program: Two-Year Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Term 1 ELD-1013 Instructional Design ELD-1022 Assessing Performance Needs COM-3013 Professional Communications ELD-1063 Intellectual Property, Copyright and Ethics in Online Research ELD-2023 Evaluating Learning ELD-3013 Facilitating Online Learning: Synchronous and Asynchronous Term 2 ELD-1053 eLearning Quality Assurance ELD-2013 Facilitating Training ELD-2033 Learning Management Systems and Web Conferencing Applications ELD-2044 Rapid eLearning with Articulate Storyline ELD-3053 Design Principles for eLearning CPS-1001 Co-op Preparation and Success Academic Break Academic Break Term 3 ELD-3032 Capstone Project ELD-3063 Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator ELD-2064 Tech Tools Lab: LMS, Web Conferencing, Web Authoring (Independent Study) ELD-3043 Rapid eLearning with Articulate Storyline II MAN-2103 Project Management ELD-3073 Training, Development and Storyboarding CPS-2001 Career Preparation and Success Term 4 CPL-1049 Work Term - Full-Time* - OR - CPL-5559 WIL Project

The traditional modes of classroom-based training are rapidly changing due to advancements in learning technology and more innovative media formats. The tech-savvy students and employees of today demand more personal and interactive ways to teach. Educators and industry are seeing the importance of how they teach to better accommodate the emerging generation of digital-age learners.

The eLearning Design & Training Development, Ontario College Graduate Certificate complements the practical skills of educational professionals by adding technology-based, online and mobile learning tools that can be effectively integrated into the learning and teaching environment. Learning management systems of today will be the key to unlocking a better educated student and employee in the future.

As a mobile college, this program aligns with the Lambton College strategic mandate to be a leader in mobile educational technology. The program curriculum will focus on meeting the growing need for highly skilled professional educators to assume leadership roles in program and instructional design, development, evaluation and online facilitation.

Students develop proficiency with industry-standard online learning tools including Articulate Storyline, LMS', Camtasia, Web Conferencing Applications; as well as e-learning, QA and AODA standards.

This program is designed to demonstrate the integration of multiple platform teaching technologies for individuals currently responsible for such roles as professional development within corporations, government and the public sector, as well as for online learning developers. Graduates can expect to develop and expand their knowledge of educational theory using state-of-the-art educational technologies.

This program has specific computer and equipment requirements - see the Costs tab for more details.

Please Note: This program does not meet the preparatory requirements or the eligibility criteria to qualify as a licensed teacher in Ontario (OCT). Please visit the Ontario College of Teachers website for more information on how to become an elementary or secondary school teacher in Ontario.

Admission Requirements

A university degree in the arts, design or education fields or equivalent.

Employment Opportunities

Career positions may include, but are not limited to:

Tuition Fees

Please visit the international tuition fee section for individual program fees. For more information regarding tuition, please contact international@lambtoncollege.ca or 519-542-7751 ext 3018.