Recreation Therapy
Program Code: TREC (International) Length of Program: Two-Year Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Diploma
Term 1 TRE-1203 Ethics and Values for the Recreation Therapist HLT-1203 Introduction to Health Care PSY-1003 Psychology I COM-1013 Critical Thinking & Writing PHR-1093 Anatomy and Physiology GED-XXX3 General Education Elective GED-XXX3 General Education Elective Term 2 HGD-1053 Introduction to Community Mental Health TRE-3013 Diverse Abilities in Therapeutic Recreation COM-2033 Communications for Health TRE-1033 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation PSY-1053 Human Relations GED-XXX3 General Education Elective Term 3 TRE-2003 Leisure Education and Counselling in Therapeutic Recreation TRE-3303 Leisure and Aging TRE-2033 Therapeutic Recreation Leadership TRE-2043 Research in Therapeutic Recreation TRE-2023 Adapted Recreation and Program Planning in Therapeutic Recreation TRE-2013 Therapeutic Recreation Assessment Term 4 TRE-1003 TR Support Networks and Community Resources TRE-2053 Therapeutic Recreation Practice and Professional Portfolio TRE-2113 Current Concepts in Health and Wellness FPP-3011 Field Placement Seminar FPP-1108 Field Placement

This two-year program will prepare students for a profession that provides services and advocacy for individuals with a wide range of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional limitations. During the program, students will learn theoretical foundations and practical skills which will allow them to competently work through the therapeutic recreation process.

The practice of Recreation Therapy is based on the belief that play, recreation and leisure are essential to achieving an individual's optimal health and sense of well being which leads to improved quality of life. Through the development of meaningful goals and objectives individuals working in the field of Recreation Therapy will use recreation as a therapeutic tool to improve health and restore wellness.

Through volunteering and experiential learning that includes field placements and a variety of community experiences, students will receive valuable hands on experience. These experiences will provide students with the opportunity to further develop their skills in the areas of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluations. In addition, students will have the opportunity to receive additional specialized training while enrolled in the Recreation Therapy program. Students should be aware that having a criminal record could impact their ability to secure a field placement.

Reasons to Choose Lambton College's Recreation Therapy Program

Please Note: This program has placement requirements - review requirements before leaving your home country.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:

Employment Opportunities

Employment may be found in the areas of pediatrics, mental health, hospitals, community settings, long term care, rehabilitation and corrections to name a few.

Upon graduation, students will be eligible to apply for the Registration with Therapeutic Recreation Ontario - Diploma  designation.

Tuition Fees

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For more information, please contact the appropriate campus:

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