Recreation Therapy - Accelerated
Program Code: TREX (Full-Time) Length of Program: One-Year Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Diploma Starts: Sep (Open)
Term 1 TRE-1033 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation TRE-2043 Research in Therapeutic Recreation TRE-1023 Therapeutic Recreation Physical Disabilities and Illnesses TRE-3303 Leisure and Aging HGD-1053 Introduction to Community Mental Health TRE-2113 Current Concepts in Health and Wellness FPP-2001 Field Placement Seminar II FPP-2008 Field Placement II Term 2 TRE-1013 Therapeutic Recreation Cognitive Disabilities and Illnesses TRE-2003 Leisure Education and Counselling in Therapeutic Recreation TRE-2013 Therapeutic Recreation Assessment TRE-2023 Adapted Recreation and Program Planning in Therapeutic Recreation TRE-2033 Therapeutic Recreation Leadership FPP-3001 Field Placement Seminar III FPP-3008 Field Placement III Term 3 Optional* (Additional Fee) Placement*

This accelerated one-year program provides a fast-track opportunity for students having the proper admission requirements. This program prepares students for a profession that provides services and advocacy for individuals with a wide range of cognitive, physical, social and emotional limitations. 

During the program, students learn theoretical foundations and practical skills that allow them to competently work through the therapeutic recreation process. The practice of Recreation Therapy is based on the belief that play, recreation and leisure are essential to achieving an individual's quality of life.

Through the development of meaningful goals and objectives individuals working in the recreation therapy field use recreation as a therapeutic tool to improve health and restore wellness. Through experiential learning that includes field placements and a variety of community experiences, students receive valuable hands-on practice. Through this practice, students have the opportunity to further develop their skills in the areas of:

Students also have the opportunity to receive additional specialized training while enrolled in this program.

Reasons to Choose Lambton College's Recreation Therapy - Accelerated program:

  1. Graduates are ready to work in an existing health care field
  2. Opportunities for advanced standing are available for students applying with a degree or diploma in a Health Science or Human Service related field
  3. Students receive a student membership to Therapeutic Recreation Ontario
  4. Students receive additional training that is highly sought after by employers
  5. Faculty are current and experts in their field
  6. Community partnerships allow students to get practical, hands-on experience
  7. Field placements within the recreation therapy setting 
Admission Requirements

A college diploma or university degree in fields such as Developmental Service Worker, Child & Youth Care, Social Service Worker, Early Childhood Education or similar programs and/or a degree in a health related field. Additional course work may be required depending on the relevance of the applicant's degree or diploma.

Employment Opportunities

Employment may be found in the areas of pediatrics, mental health, hospitals, community settings, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation and corrections.

Tuition Fees
Breakdown of fees for Year 1
Year 1
Ancillary Fee$715.12
Student Government Fee$290.66
Health/Dental Plan$207.87

Please Note: These fees apply to the 2018-2019 academic year and are subject to change. Fees do not include books (unless specifically noted), supplies or living costs.

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