Cyber Infrastructure Specialist
Program Code: (Full-Time) Awarded Upon Completion: Other
Term 1 (September - December) ITP-1123 PC Repair Fundamentals CIS-1103 Networking Basics ITP-1143 Operating System Foundations CIS-1002 Virtualization Basics CIS-1132 Introduction to Security CSD-4103 Project Management COM-3013 Professional Communications Term 2 (January - April) CIS-1203 Routing and Switching CIS-1223 Server Foundations CIS-1233 Server Enterprise CIS-1213 Wireless Networking Fundamentals CIS-1202 Helpdesk Professional CIS-1243 I.T. Consulting and Business Tool I CIS-1232 Python CPP-1001 Co-op Preparation Academic Break (May - August) (May - September) Term 3 (September - December) ITP-3233 Cloud Infrastructure ITP-3243 Network Scripting for Administrators CIS-2103 Infrastructure Security ITP-1052 ITIL Foundations CIS-2313 Consulting and Business Tool II CIS-2113 Business Technologies Term 4 (January - April) CPL-1049 Co-op Work Term - OR - CPL-5559 WIL Project
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