Foundations of Photography
Program Code: PHGF (Part-Time) Awarded Upon Completion: Board of Governors Certificate

The Lambton College Foundations of Photography, Board of Governors Certificate prepares students for the fast-paced and ever expanding area of photography using modern digital photographic equipment in a state-of-the-art photography studio. The program is laptop-based and hybrid (a combination of both online and in-class learning), offering students the benefits of flexible learning.

Students are encouraged to follow their passion as they explore diverse photographic interests, all while developing the technical skills necessary for creative control. The curriculum within this certificate covers the basics of photography including exposure control, light management, the rules of composition in image editing in Photoshop. Students learn from current and award-winning industry leaders who share the secrets they have learned through decades of photography experience.

At the core of the program is our state-of-the-art photography and video studio, equipped with strobe and continuous light kits. Students work in this space, both individually and in small groups, using professional-quality equipment.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or mature student status.

Applications for this program are not accepted through

Employment Opportunities

The Lambton College Foundations of Photography, Board of Governors Certificate program is designed as a special interest offering for amateur photographers that wish to improve their knowledge techniques and skills.

Tuition Fees

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