Financial Technology Essentials
Program Code: FTEC (Part-Time) Awarded Upon Completion: Board of Governors Certificate

Financial Technology (FinTech) refers to the rapidly growing application of technology and innovation to traditional banking and financial transactions. The Financial Technology Essentials Board of Governors Certificate provides cutting-edge training on FinTech application areas such as basic retail banking (mortgages, deposits), payments systems, financial management, commercial and corporate banking, investment banking and capital markets, insurance, commodities and even global currencies.

Complementing previous education or experience in finance, business, information technology, cyber security or related areas, the program combines topics such as big data and legal and ethical issues in information technology with the theory and evolution of FinTech. Across the program, particular emphasis is placed on appreciating the intersection of technology and commerce and the implications for competitive dynamics, social policies and regulatory frameworks.

Developments in this field are having a profound impact on almost all areas of commerce, financial management and economic and monetary policies. Graduates of this program will gain a wide understanding of the emerging technologies and applications that are redefining traditional financial markets. Employers of program graduates will gain employees with a uniquely competitive understanding of the latest trends in FinTech for application in a wide range of careers including personal banking/credit unions, wealth management advising, mutual funds, asset management and insurance.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent

Employment Opportunities

Career positions may include, but are not limited to:

Tuition Fees

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