Agri-Business Management
Program Code: AGBS (International) Length of Program: Two-Year Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Term 1 COM-3013 Professional Communications MKT-1143 Marketing Fundamentals AGO-1003 Canadian Agri-Business Fundamentals MEC-1502 Canadian Workplace Health and Safety BUS-1234 Computer Applications for Business ACC-1093 Accounting Concepts I Term 2 MKT-1103 Social Media Marketing AGO-2002 Agricultural Machinery and Farm Safety AGO-2012 Introduction to Canadian Agricultural Law AGO-2033 Introduction to Canadian Field Crops FSQ-1013 Food Processing in Canada CPS-1001 Co-op Preparation and Success AGO-3013 Introduction to Canadian Livestock Operations Academic Break Academic Break Term 3 MKT-3403 Selling AGO-3003 Canadian Greenhouse Production AGO-3033 Introductory Pest and Weed Control Management AGO-3022 Farm Biosecurity in Canada AGO-3053 Canadian Vegetable and Fruit Production Management SCU-1603 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship CPS-2001 Career Preparation and Success Term 4 CPL-1049 Co-op Work Term - OR - CPL-5559 WIL Project

With an ever increasing need for agricultural business employment, the Lambton College Agri-Business Management, Ontario College Graduate Certificate program is designed for students who wish to enter a career in the agricultural sector at the supervisory level, or to manage relationships in an agri-business environment typical of a sales or other agricultural services role.

In this multi-disciplined program, students utilize existing related education or experience to learn and apply a variety of skills to help operate and manage an agricultural business. Students develop a foundation of business skills, including communications, accounting, human resources, relationship managing and marketing strategies that apply to the Canadian agricultural industry of today. With the rapid adoption of agricultural technology, students study the impact of this technology on farm operations, as well as on other applications, from software to farm machinery.

To round out the learning, students study environmental farm management to gain a deeper understanding of the production of food, feed, and fuel as well as livestock physiology and health, pest control management and new and emerging agri-business technology. This hands-on program will include a real-world course on farm machinery to provide a robust understanding on farm equipment operations and safety.

Admission Requirements

A university degree in agri-business, economics, science, environmental or other agriculturally related fields of study. 

Employment Opportunities

Career positions may include, but are not limited to:

Tuition Fees

Please visit the international tuition fee section for individual program fees. For more information regarding tuition, please contact or 519-542-7751 ext 3018.