Environmental and Sustainable Building Sciences

Program Code: SEBS (International) Length of Program: Two-Year Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Term 1 COM-3013 Professional Communications EVL-1114 Chemistry and Physics CCT-1012 Construction Plans, Specifications and Codes ELE-1055 Electric Circuits BUS-1883 Business Analytics SEB-1013 Introduction to Canadian Building Science Term 2 SEB-2043 Indoor Environmental Sampling and Testing Methods SEB-2013 Indoor Environmental Measurements and Controls CCT-2042 Energy Efficiencies and Sustainable Construction OHS-5553 Environmental Legislation ICS-1302 Fundamentals of Instrumentation I SEB-2023 HVAC and Mechanical Building Systems MAN-2103 Project Management JSS-1001 Job Search and Success Academic Break Academic Break Term 3 SEB-3043 Canadian Building Automation Systems and Controls ICS-2303 Fundamentals of Instrumentation II SEC-3013 Sustainable Building Systems SEB-3023 Canadian Environmental Risk Assessment SEB-3033 Canadian Environmental Auditing Methods OES-5033 Alternative Power Processes SEB-3053 Energy Performance Simulation Term 4 Co-Op CPL-1049 Work Term - Full-Time* - OR - CPL-5559 WIL Project

In this multi-disciplined 2-year program, students in the Lambton College Environmental and Sustainable Building Sciences, Ontario College Graduate Certificate utilize existing related education or experience to learn and apply a variety of skills to transform and lead organizations in the efficient use of building systems in order to manage internal environmental conditions. Utilizing the latest in testing equipment, building instrumentation, automation and safety systems, students learn to identify, test and remediate potential hazards in the indoor building environment. The reduction of energy waste and compliance with all applicable Canadian safety standards for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings are studied.

In this hands-on program, students acquire the knowledge to manage integrated systems that involve the complex interconnectedness of processes, resources and technologies, with a concentrated focus on sustainability and energy management for building design and control. Curriculum includes Canadian environmental legislation, risk assessment, hazardous materials assessment and abatement, instrumentation and automation, mechanical building systems and air and water quality sampling and testing processes.

Students also develop foundational skills for success in Canada, including technical communications, practical laboratory techniques and project management. As this program is experiential in nature, students participate in a co-operative education experience in their final term.

Admission Requirements

A University Degree, or equivalent in science, architecture, mechanical, civil, environmental, or electrical engineering.

Employment Opportunities

Career positions may include, but are not limited to:

Tuition Fees

Please visit the international tuition fee section for individual program fees. For more information regarding tuition, please contact international@lambtoncollege.ca or 519-542-7751 ext 3018.